to Nov 18

Global Advanced Materials & Surfaces Conference (GAMS 2016)

. : Dubai, U.A.E.

The 2nd edition of the Global Advanced Materials & Surfaces Forum (GAMS 2016) is a three day International event organized between December 5 - 7 2016 at JW Marriot Marquis Hotel - Dubai- United Arab Emirates. The goal of this international event is to provide a global platform for researchers, engineers, students and decision makers coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities in the field of fundamental and interdisciplinary research of Advanced Materials and Surfaces Science and Processing Technology through Oral Presentations and Posters Sessions.

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5:30 PM17:30

International Conference & Expo on Nanomedicine/Nanotechnology

. : Baltimore, United States

Nano Meeting & Expo will strictly focus on the nano industry, offering an exclusive combination of exhibits and scienti c sessions. Once can nd the latest inventions happening in and around nanotechnology at Nano- 2016. Coupled with the expo, business meetings, seminars and group discussions it is making the perfect meeting place for the nano industry experts.

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to Jul 14

Self-Assembly in the World of Polymers

. : Prague, Czech Republic

Self-assembly is the key property of matter that leads to hierarchical architecture and in the world of macromolecules leads to unique structure and functionality of polymer systems both in technical and biological applications. Recent remarkable progress in this area was made possible by creative innovative chemistry producing self-assembling macromolecular systems, as well as by significant advancements in physico-chemical techniques, characterization methods and theoretical models. The symposium will focus on the most recent achievements in the creation, characterization and theoretical description of self-assembled macromolecular systems and their biological and technical applications.

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to Jun 3

NanoMaterials for Energy and Environment

. : Paris, France

This conference is an ideal opportunity to the researchers and industrials to show the recent efforts made through nanoscience and nanotechnology toward meeting the pressing energy and environmental challenges that humankind faces. It will be an opportunity for them to examine future directions of nanomaterial development and encourages future efforts. The conference program will include contributions from world-renowned specialists in the fields of nanomaterials, energy, and environmental science.

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